Tips to Safe Touring Around Los Cabos

Navigating around Cabo will be a memorable experience if you remember a follow a few simple safety precautions. First, understanding some basic Spanish skills never hurts because most of signs are in this language. Having a transportation service always eliminates the need to have to worry about this however.

Organize Your Trip

Know where you’re going and plan out every single day before your arrival. Of course, things may not always go as planned, but at least you’re on the same page with your party. Taking time to plan out your daily schedules also gives you an indication of how much you may be spending.

Share Your Schedule With Your Driver

It’s important to know when and where you’ll want to be picked up or dropped off. Our safe drivers will plan accordingly to make sure you see us when it’s time to go to your next destination.

Pack Lightly While Site-Seeing in Cabo

As in any other major city, it’s always best practice to keep your valuables and jewelry back at the hotel, where you’re staying. Be weary of your surroundings and always know where you’re going. Talking to the natives is never a problem, however be careful if the topic of money comes up in any way.

Sometimes, you might encounter bumper-to-bumper traffic during spring and summer. Driving to town is something you should avoid in the morning rush hour, after, and on weekends. If you are going to the airport, always plan your journey beforehand. Book a Cabo transportation service with us a few weeks in advance to get the most competitive price.